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Backpacking Photo Journal

My New Zealand Uni gives students a two week mid-term break! On my break, I backpacked for 10 days around the South Island staying in hostels at night and seeing the sights during the day. It ended up being an absolutely incredible experience for so many reasons! First of all, the South Island is so beautiful! Even when I wasn't doing a big hike, the landscape was always insane and nothing like I've ever seen before. I traveled with a few cool gals from back in Wellington and I also met so many new friends from all around the world in hostels who had amazing stories to tell. It was so nice to have friends around to hangout with because most of the time we had limited wifi/cell service. I truly felt like a backpacker in the moments when I had all of my bags of food and clothes on my back and nothing else to do but sit and look out at the scenery while waiting for my next bus.

I'm so happy I had the chance to see the South Island and I'm really proud of all the planning that went into the trip! Wearing the same clothes every day for 10 days straight is not what's up but I made it work. Here are some photos from my trip.


Lake Tekapo



Te Anau


Everywhere in between

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